Monday, April 8, 2013


The most amazing thing about salvation is that God sacrificed His son for the sins of all of us.   If you believe that -- You are saved. If you don't believe that , you go to the grave. It matters not how "good" you thought you were are how much you gave to the "church" or if you were water baptized or if you repented. All   Moslims, Buddhist , Hindus ,atheists ," New agers", tribal dancers, non believing Protestants , Catholics or Jews- all are going straight the Hell unless they believe that Jesus was the Son of God . Your performance has no effect on your salvation which is a gift from God but only if you accept as true that Jesus is His son. 

  The Bible ( in fact the entire Bible) is 90% hearsay. John as an eye witness wrote . Peter didn't write first and second Peter. . Paul never met Jesus, Luke never met Jesus and passes on the fable of the "Star" over the stable with no witness at all. These writings would never be evidence allowed in any court-- ever. The old testament is written by Bedouin tribesmen from "hand me down" oral tales over the camp fire when a generation had someone in it that could write in Hebrew or Greek. The New Testament was mostly written GENERATIONS after the resurrection of Jesus.  All the books in the New testament were written 30 to 120 years after the death and resurrection of Christ.  Total hearsay.  in fact,- triple and quadruple hearsay.  Please don't give me that "all scripture is God BREATHED." What scripture? This one I'm writing? There were 3000 manuscripts left out in 325 A.D by the Council at LAODICIA  . Which one was "God Breathed"? all of them including the ones left out? 
The Bible has very few "first hand"  eyewitnesses statements. But all history books are hearsay.They may still be true in what they report. Even in the non admissible court evidence,we see the death and life of Jesus at birth, life through 11 or age 12  ( then there is an 18 year gap with nothing) and Jesus after 30 years of age .  In these" hand me down" 4 level hearsay legends we see the evidence and history of the death of those who believed so strongly they did not recant before being tortured or during torture. 

 Several of these actual eyewitnesses could have recanted. They "hung" in there so far as we know.(Most of them up side down.)

 I think James, for example,was cashing in on his step-brother's deity. He was painfully jealous of Jesus and wanted all Jews to revert to the old testament Torah  legalism. No one is sure James even wrote "James" but  it is clear ,if he did ,James wanted to diminish Jesus as the " Savior" by going back to "good works" But like the other  uneducated and illiterate "Disciples", James died before his stories were written so we have hearsay renditions of his stories handed down several generations before they were actually recorded. (The Book of James want disputed as belonging in the Bible ,as you will see below.)

The "Bible" is not to be worshiped!! If you do-- STOP. It is idolatry. The Bible is a book put together in 325 A.D., 292  years after Christ . They left out  one of the only eye witness books!! Bartholomew!! You can't make that up!!  
Eusabious, the scholar,discounted much of the process used to put the book together and many of the books accepted by the council of Laodicea.
New Testament Books which are now adopted by Christians were questionable when put together in 325 A.D.   Those that were, for a time rejected, are Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and yes, Revelation!!

What the "Bible worshipers" had to do was to say that these hearsay books written without eye witnesses--  were "inspired by the "Holy Spirit" . Really? Which ones? The scriptures that say we are "saved" or the Scriptures that say we are "judged". Can't be both. What about the books left out like Bartholomew (THE DISCIPLE) or the book of Solomon, (the son of David) . ??? 

1st and 2nd John aren't John's writings ,not the real John!!( Revelation might be John -- nobody can understand that book) but Mark was not a witness!! Mark hung around with Peter maybe. Luke may have known Paul but he never saw Jesus. (well neither did Paul) . Luke never met Christ or Mary or any known witness and this guy tells us of the "star over the the manger"?? you can't make that up!!

The writer of Matthew was not even born when Christ rose.

Now , Paul is something. He was "smitten" by the Holy Spirit. He was no eye witness to the life of Christ. But for 12 hours , he HAD NO EYES at all! His writing are definitely  inspired by something , although, he contradicts himself regarding salvation. Take for example his clear statement to all believers in Rome that the law was history and yet he reimposes the law with women covering their head in worship and keeping their mouths shut except to address their feeble questions only to their husbands. Believe that? "WORD DA GOD" !! and he has all those sins that if you commit " thou shalt not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." By the way, he admits to being the worst of sinners in Romans 7. I'm not talking about in his former days. I'm talking about his continued day to day "sin".

The Bible has errors beyond counting. For those of you that worship the Bible as the "WORD da GOD" go now and read Matthew 1, then flip over to Luke 3:23. Which linage from David to Joseph is correct? Then ask yourself----- Joseph??? What difference does that make? God is the Father of Jesus-- right? NOT JOSEPH!! Don't tell me that is the linage of MARY!!! in either scripture.  IT Does not say that!!. Come on!! Joseph did not even go when his step child was crucified by  the Jewish leaders (using the Roman occupiers)  after Jesus trashed the tithe takers at the Temple. Mary showed up at the crucifixion  but not Joseph. The disciples hung real low but Joseph was totally missing.Where was he? 

Look at what Christ said on the cross in the Gospel. There are 3 different versions. Which one is the "WORD da GOD"? Which did HE ACTUALLY SAY?

We are killing our faith with ignoring the obvious!! New believers are educated and are driven away by logic. We don't have to leave our brain in the parking lot!! Those of us who have believed in God and His Son believe in HIM, not the hearsay book beyond its history value. Satan uses the Bible diversion to obscure the real truth.

Look-- Did you know that the word  "Church" is not in the original text. ? The Greek word was Ekklesia. Look it up!! It means one thing! "The Called OUT"!! It does NOT mean "gathering " or "assembly". It very simple to know that. Greek has very clear words for "gathering " and "assembly" . EKKLESIA means "the Called Out!! or BELIEVERS!!!

 When you see "church" it is a false substitution in the King James English Bible made in 1611 , to install CONTROL on the "believers" not written in the original Hebrew or Greek!!. The origin of the word was Circe or Kirke , meaning the Pagan practice of gathering in a CIRCLE!! What a joke!! Ekklisia means "The called out"-- or believers. It has nothing to do with a buildings  or a pulpit!!
Tithing?? There is no brick building you must pay for!! There were no paid preachers!!! WAKE UP!!. It is you and the Son of God as "joint heirs"!!.
There is no "TITHING" in the New Testament!! In fact. Jesus would not pay the tithe (temple tax) in Matthew 17 !! Read it!! It was the "tithe" . Tithe is a lie!!! It is preached to make house payments and car payments and 401k retirement payments for some con man that says you are going to heaven if you give to him and his building as agent for God.  Did you know that God owns everything in Earth  and UNIVERSE already?  These "professional Christians live  off of suckers like you when you are saved already "IF YOU BELIEVE THAT JESUS IN THE SON OF GOD!! ( John 3:16)!! You cannot be saved by works. The money is all God's money ANYWAY!! Right?

Christ would not pay the temple tax!!  Do you pay "the temple tax"? Did you know that Christ was crucified the same week as He threw the "money changers" out of the Temple? Who were these " money changers". look at the Greek!! They were collecting the "Temple tax "-- The Tithe !!!! When a Jew went to pay, they did not accept the Roman coin at the Temple!! They converted to silver to give to the "Priests!!( we do that today with credit cards.)
 Jesus said in Matthew 17 that a "king does not tax his children and we are the children of GOD"!! Stop paying these liars in the name of God!! ALL MONEY and material things BELONG TO GOD!! You do not have to  pay some man or brick building as agents for God!! Wake up and believe in Jesus who SAVED YOU. You are being diverted by Satan.

Luke 7:50 New International Version (NIV)

50 Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace."
 Do you not see the requirements the institutional "church" imposes on you? -- tithing, circumcision, attendance, jewells in your crown?

 You don't have to be baptized either!! None of the 12 disciples were baptized-- right? check it out ( Paul was baptized IN THE SPIRIT-- not water) . If you want to believe that eunuch on a chariot  from 2000 miles south in Ethiopia was baptized in Gaza ( where there is no place to be submersed) and that Philip "flew away to the clouds" -- then go ahead. These books are 3rd party hearsay!! But this is the Devil's fable-- NOT GOD'S TRUTH!!  The Thief on the cross never gave a dime!!

 You think you need baptism??  Yes, Jesus was baptized , but that was because it was tradition for the "chief priest". You don't think He had to be baptized ? What a legalistic joke..

 Throw off the yoke ! Throw off the JOKE. Break into the sun light of Jesus Christ who saved us from sins past , present and future, one time on the cross,FOREVER, if we believe in Him as the Son of God. 

 If you don't go to Africa to save Ubangi, do you think that is a sin? If by omission , you don't feed a starving child on TV , IS THAT A SIN? Wow-- I thought you were saved of ALL YOUR SINS!!! If you divorce-- is that a sin? I thought we were saved from our sins?  Obedience? Obedience to what? Give us a full and complete list of each legalistic act and non acts necessary for salvation or shut up!!!!  

The only command of Jesus was to love God and love thy neighbor as yourself  .
"Sin" ? What is sin? Name them all so we know what not to do!! Sins of commission and omissions!!  Don't give me a bunch of ambiguity!! Tell me if I can kill someone breaking in to my house to rape my wife and kill me and my family,  That is a sin? Can I kill a  WAHHABI Sunni to keep him from killing MORE CHRISTIANS and innocent Americans?  
"God so love us He gave his Son that who ever believes that has eternal life." Right? What are we doing with the Truth of Salvation ? We are lying about  salvation to get money from the weak minded?
WE live in respect for our God who sent his Son to FREE US from the tyranny of LEGALISM which God abolished. Christ is freedom not bondage.  Amen,

If you have interest in these subjects ,there is more depth in the pages.